West Virginia Sweepstakes Casino: Play Online Sweeps Slots in WV with Sweeptastic

Calling all West Virginia sweepstakes lovers, we have the best casino bonuses lined up for you. This guide is here to reveal why our Sweeptastic site is the sweeps casino for you.

Sweepstakes casinos are fun and free!

So, what does it mean to play at our Sweeptastic sweepstakes casino? Well, if you have played West Virginia sweepstakes before, you are more than familiar with how sweepstakes work. However, for some of our newer players, we always like to go over the fundamentals. Sweepstakes casinos are usually always free for players, unlike traditional casinos. At Sweeptastic, we offer free virtual currency to our players in the form of Lucky coins and Sweep coins. We’ll explain more about these virtual currencies later in the article.


What does West Virginia sweepstakes law say?

One of the most important aspects of the West Virginia sweepstakes law is that it protects the consumer’s interests. For example, West Virginia prize promotion law clearly states that if a participant wins a reward, then that should be awarded to the participant within 10 days and with no obligation for the awardee to pay for the delivery. At our Sweeptastic site, we dedicatedly uphold the law at every stage and protect our players.
The sweepstakes regulaiton may vary by state, so you have to check your state’s local laws in our guides: Vermont sweepstakes law or Montana sweepstakes taxes and law guide. If you live on the West Coast, you may be interested in reading our article “Is social gambling legal in California?”.

Bonus Lucky Coins
Bonus Lucky Coins
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Thrilling Daily Spins!
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Brilliant Slots & Jackpots
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Exciting Tournaments
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Rewards & Boosts
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Fantastic VIP Program
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24/7 Customer Support
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Exclusive Offers & Deals

Why Sweeptastic is the best sweepstakes casino in West Virginia

As a new social casino, we are proud to claim that we are your best option for sweepstakes in West Virginia. Not only do we have one of the largest catalogs of games but also some of the most attractive sign-up offers in the market. Our excellent gaming experience, dedicated customer support and intuitive site design have captured the fancy of our West Virginia players and they already love us!


Verify the legal age requirements before you play on our website

Under West Virginia sweepstakes law, and also the federal regulations, you must be 18 years or older to participate in a sweepstakes. At Sweeptastic, we strictly enforce the age requirements under the law and have verification checks in place. If you are a minor, do not sign up on Sweeptastic since you will be flagged during our verification process and your account will be deactivated.

All you need to know about our Lucky Coins and Sweep Coins

We are excited to tell you all about our lucky coins and sweep coins. These are the only virtual coins that you can use to play our games;

Lucky coins – You don’t have to be extra fortunate to win our lucky coins. We are generous about gifting them to you so you can enjoy our games with these coins. There are many ways to win lucky coins but the easiest way is to claim them as part of our welcome offer. More on our promos and offers, below!

Sweep coins – If you have been swept off your feet by our games already, wait till you hear about our sweep coins. These are special coins we give out as bonuses with lucky coins. The best part about these coins is that they can turn into real cash prize winning on our website.


Win up to 27,777 lucky coins with our incredible welcome offer

Our welcome offer has quickly made us one of the best USA sweepstakes casinos in 2023. Come sign-up on our website and instantly receive 10,000 lucky coins. Yes, that’s right! 10,000 lucky coins will be awarded to you just for registering with us, but that’s not all. You can win another 17,777 lucky coins and 2 free sweep coins on top of that when you complete your profile and verification.

You can always purchase lucky coins on our website if you run out

The welcome offer is neverending for our new players. You can purchase lucky coins on our website whenever you run out. Here are the details of our promo packages below:

  • $9.99 package = 20,000 LC + 20 SC (50% discount)
  • $29.49 package = 45,000 LC + 45 SC (35% discount)

Get your hands on the package of your choice at these attractive discount rates and keep winning at those slots!

How to win sweep coins on our website?

If you have read some of our other popular articles such as our Sweeptastic  Wisconsin sweepstakes piece, you will know that Sweep Coins are the no. 1 requested coin on our platform. That’s because they can be used to play slots and win real cash prizes on Sweeptastic. We will give you 2 free sweep coins when you complete your profile verification with us. However, this offer is only valid for a month to celebrate our launch.

How to sign up on our West Virginia Sweepstakes casino site?

If you want to start playing on Sweeptastic and wish to know how to register your account with us, it is very simple. Just visit our website and hit ‘sign up’ to create your account. You can either log in via your Facebook or create a new account with an email and password.

Registration is available to you if you want to play Sweepstakes from Wyoming, Alabama, and every state listed between them in the alphabet. The only restricted areas are Washington, Nevada, and Idaho.

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Check out our exciting slot games at Sweeptastic

We can’t be among the best sweepstakes casinos unless we bring you top-notch quality games. We have partnered with some of the most reputed gaming providers in the industry to offer you prime-quality slot games. Here are some of our most loved games:

  • American Roulette
  • Bank Robbers
  • Moneymania
  • Burning Chilli X
  • Book of Wild
  • Book of Doom
  • 10 lucky spins
  • Potion spells

Sign up and claim your bonuses at Sweeptastic!

We hope all West Virginia sweepstakes lovers are able to play our fun games and have a great time while they’re at it. As mentioned, we follow West Virginia sweepstakes law to the T and only allow players above the age of 18+ to play on our website. Make sure to claim our bonuses before they expire, since there are some special promos valid only for the first month of our launch.

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Sweeptastic FAQ

🤔Are sweepstakes casinos legal in West Virginia?

Sweepstakes casinos offer games that are free to play. This is what makes them less risky than traditional casinos. If you want to know whether sweepstakes casinos are legal in West Virginia, check out our section on West Virginia sweepstakes law.

💰Is there a login bonus for Sweepstastic?

Sweepstakes casinos offer a great login bonus to attract new players to their websites. This welcome offer can be redeemed for virtual currency that lets you play our fantastic slot games. The Sweeptastic welcome offer is detailed in our articles. Check them out for more info on our welcome offers and deadlines.

💰Are there real cash prizes for sweepstakes players?

Sweepstakes casinos are very different from traditional casinos since players cannot bet with real cash when playing sweepstakes casino games. However, sweepstakes casinos also have ways in which they sometimes offer cash prizes to their players. Check out our articles to learn more about what kind of cash prizes we offer and how you can claim them.

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