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Are you a Virginia sweepstakes lover looking for the best sweepstakes casino? Meet Sweeptastic, one of the best sweepstakes casinos in town,  that has everything you are looking for. From an incredible range of games to powerful gameplay experiences, our players cannot get enough of us. So let’s dive in and learn more about what Sweeptastic has to offer Virginia.

Before we proceed, what is a sweepstakes casino?

Before we delve deeper into why we are one of the best sweepstakes casinos in Virginia, let us clarify what a sweepstakes casino is. It’s not like a traditional casino, where you bet on things with actual money. Instead, Sweeptastic lets you play games using free to play virtual currency, so it’s a very different way of enjoying all your traditional casino favorites.


Virginia sweepstakes law - players can play for free

As one of the  best USA sweepstakes casinos in 2023, our games are always free to play. In line with Virginia sweepstakes law, we have ensured that our players never have to pay to play our games. Read on below to find out more about our Lucky Coins and Sweep Coins which we offer for free.

Are you the legal age to play at Sweeptastic?

As one of the leading sweepstakes casinos, we always go to great lengths to abide by current legislation.  Under Virginia sweepstakes law, you must be 18 years or older in order to play at Sweeptastic. Make sure you meet this age limit because otherwise, you will be flagged during your profile verification process.

Bonus Lucky Coins
Bonus Lucky Coins
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Thrilling Daily Spins!
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Brilliant Slots & Jackpots
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Exciting Tournaments
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Rewards & Boosts
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Fantastic VIP Program
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24/7 Customer Support
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Exclusive Offers & Deals

Lucky coins and sweep coins - why have one when you can have both?

Here at Sweeptastic we offer both Lucky Coins and Sweep Coins to players. Lucky Coins are virtual coins that are offered for free when signing up, so you can play the games for free on our site. Sweep Coins are special coins that are sometimes rewarded alongside Lucky Coins. Interestingly, Sweep Coins can be redeemed for real cash prizes. You can win both of these coins on our website for free. Here’s how:

How to win/purchase Lucky Coins on our website?

When you sign up and open an account on our website for the first time, we offer you a signing reward of 10,000 Lucky coins. You can use these Lucky Coins at all of our slot games and game for free. Additionally, if you complete your verification checks, you can win 17,777 more Lucky Coins plus 2 free Sweep Coins. Besides these promos, you can always purchase additional Lucky Coins on our site.

How to win Sweep Coins on our website?

It’s a little more complicated to win Sweep Coins on our site. We are offering 2 Sweep Coins to you as a gift when you complete your profile verification with us. However, this offer is only valid for a month to celebrate our launch. Besides that, you can win Sweep Coins along with your Lucky Coins, directly from the Sweeptastic website through our promos.

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How to sign up on our Virginia Sweepstakes casino site

If you are looking to start playing on Sweeptastic and want to know how to register an account, this section is for you. We want to help all our Virginia sweepstakes enthusiasts get their accounts started and rolling on our platform with ease. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can do that on Sweeptastic

  • Step 1- Sign-up and create an account

In order to register an account at Sweeptastic, you need to sign-up with us first. Hit the sign-up button on our website and you will be prompted for the following information:

  • An email address and password to create an account


  • Log in through your Facebook account

This whole process is quick, convenient and easy. If you don’t want to sign up with Facebook, create your account with an email and password that you won’t forget.

  • Step 2: Complete your profile

Once you have completed the sign-up process, you will have an active account with Sweeptastic. Once you have an account, don’t forget to complete your profile to win additional Lucky Coins and Sweep Coins on our site. Here is the information you will need to fill in to complete your profile.

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Phone number
  • Date of Birth

Win up to 72,777 LC and 47 SC with our fantastic welcome bonus

Calling all Virginia sweepstakes lovers, here’s your chance to win big. At Sweeptastic, we are offering a sweet welcome bonus deal to all our new players. Combining the 3-part welcome bonus, you can win up to 72,777 Lucky Coins and up to 47 Sweep Coins if you follow the rules. Here are the ways to claim your bonus:

  • Sign-up – Win 10,000 Lucky Coins when you sign up with us
  • Verify and complete your profile – Win 17,777 Lucky Coins and 2 free Sweep Coins when you complete your profile

First Lucky Coin purchase– You can win up to 45,000 Lucky Coins and 45 Sweep Coins by making your first LC purchase


Enjoy top-quality slot games at Sweeptastic

At Sweeptastic, we guarantee top-notch quality for all our games. We partner with some of the best gaming providers in the industry to bring you the best of the best. Here are some of our most popular games:

  • Alibaba’s Riches
  • American Roulette
  • Bank Robbers
  • Burning Chilli X

Our accepted payment methods are constantly growing

We try our best to accept your preferred payment method. For now, we accept payment providers such as  Mastercard, Diners Club/Discover, Visa, American Express, IBT and various Crypto Payments (that accept major crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many more). These are available in our supported states, whether you’re playing for our sweeptakes in Wisconsin or anywhere else, for that matter. However, we are adding to this list constantly so check back in a few months to see more payment methods on our site.


We are delighted to be able to bring our new social casino to Virginia sweepstakes lovers. We abide by all current Virginia sweepstakes law to help you enjoy playing at easily one of the best sweepstakes casinos. Our extensive catalog of games and exciting bonuses make us the best of the best. We hope you enjoyed reading this review.


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Sweeptastic FAQ

🤔Are sweepstakes casinos legal in Virginia?

Sweepstakes casinos offer games that are free to play. This is what makes them less risky than traditional casinos. If you want to know whether sweepstakes casinos are legal in Virginia, check out our section on Virginia sweepstakes law at Sweeptastic.

💰Is there a welcome bonus for Sweepstastic?

Sweepstakes casinos offer welcome bonuses routinely to attract new players to their websites, whether you are looking to play sweepstakes from West Virginia, New York or any other US states. These welcome offers can be redeemed for virtual currency that lets you play the games. The Sweeptastic welcome offer is detailed in our articles. Check them out for more info on our welcome offers and deadlines.

💰Does Sweeptastic have real cash prizes for sweepstakes players?

Sweepstakes casinos operate differently than traditional casinos since they don’t deal directly in cash prizes and bets. However, sweepstakes casinos also have ways in which they sometimes offer cash prizes to their players. Check out our articles to learn more about what kind of cash prizes are available at Sweeptastic and how you can claim them.

⭐Can I play sweepstakes outside of Virginia?

Yes, check our local guides for more information: Michigan sweepstakes rules, local sweepstakes in Alaska or Kentucky sweepstakes law.

Yes, social casinos are allowed in most states. Check out our local article.

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