Ohio Sweepstakes Casino: Play Online Sweeps Slots in OH with Sweeptastic

We’ve got a new Ohio sweepstakes casino on the scene here at Sweeptastic, and it’s ready to take the state by storm.

But before we get to that, let’s clear up the legality of sweepstakes in the Buckeye State.

Ohio sweepstakes law - The essentials

Like sweepstake in Oregon, California, New York and every other state where sweepstakes are legal, the contests in Ohio must work within these two boundaries:

  1. Operators cannot charge “Consideration”
  2. You have to pay taxes on sweepstakes prizes if you win

Effectively, no “consideration” means that sweepstakes operators cannot charge you entry fees for sweepstakes. In other words, they must be free to enter.

Are sweepstakes casinos legal in Ohio?

Yes, sweepstakes casinos are legal in Ohio, provided that they work within the legal parameters that we outlined above. We do this by offering you free Sweeps Coins.

As long as you are aged 18 and older in Ohio, you are able to play games at our sweepstakes casino. However, this age limit does vary from state to state, and as one of the best sweepstakes casinos around, we stick by the laws in each region, strictly.


How do casino sweepstakes in Ohio work?

All sweepstakes in casinos in Ohio have to offer you the opportunity to play for free. While there is the option to make purchases on our site, it is not necessary.

If you so wish, you can register, claim your welcome free coins and then play for free. You can then top up your balance and continue to enjoy free casino-style gaming via the daily reload offer.

The virtual currency system

At Sweeptastic, you cannot deposit and bet real money on games. That would be classified as online gambling, which remains prohibited in Ohio and most other US states. Check other states regulations in our guide for Sweepstakes in Vermont or Nebraska rules for sweepstakes.

Instead, you can only play games using virtual coins that have no real world value and cannot be used anywhere other than the sweepstakes casino site. You’ll find two types of virtual coins, and one of them can be redeemed for prizes on our site

How Sweeps Coins work

At our casino, there are two virtual currencies that you can use. Firstly, you have Lucky Coins (LC), which can only be used to play games for fun and cannot be redeemed.

Secondly, there are Sweeps Coins (SC), which have no real world value,  but can be used to redeem prizes. While you can buy additional LC, you cannot purchase or trade SC at any stage when playing here.

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Getting coins at a sweepstakes casino

There are a few different ways that you can get your hands on Lucky Coins (LC) and Sweeps Coins (SC). As we said before, the main thing to remember is that you can get Lucky Coins for free or purchase them, meanwhile Sweeps Coins can only be collected for free.

Below, you can take a look at the best ways to get your hands on each type of virtual coin.

How to Get Lucky Coins

If you want to get your hands on Lucky Coins for free, there are two ways to do so:

  1. Welcome bonus – Everyone gets free LC when they sign up.
  2. Daily reload – You can top up your balance for free every day by logging in.

Additionally, you also have the option to purchase extra coins in packages using your credit/debit card.

How to get free Sweeps Coins

Here at Sweeptastic there are several ways to get your hands on free SC:

  1. Launch offer – 2 free SC when you complete your profile.
  2. Purchase promotions – Look out for specially marked LC packs with an SC bonus.
  3. Social media giveaways – Follow us on social media for SC giveaways and instructions on how to enter.
  4. Postal request – Send a handwritten request to us by mail to get more free SC.

Start your Sweeptastic journey today by signing up!

By effortlessly completing our user-friendly registration process, you can quickly immerse yourself in our exceptional site and capitalize on the incredible bonuses it offers.


Sweeptastic - The best Ohio sweepstakes casino

Now that we’ve covered sweepstakes casinos in general, let us tell you a little bit more about what we can offer you as an Ohio player at Sweeptastic.

Here is a short list of what we offer:

  • 1,000+ games (more than any other social casino)
  • Free welcome bonus
  • An exclusive launch offer
  • Discounted first purchase promotion
  • 30-second sign up
  • Cash prizes and goods
  • A user-friendly platform

Get started with your Sweepstastic welcome package

As a new player here at Sweeptastic, there is a two-part free welcome pack that you can claim:

  1. 10,000 free LC when you sign up
  2. 17,777 LC and 2 free SC when you complete your profile

On top of that, you also have the option to buy one of these two discounted LC promo packs:

  • 20,000 LC + 20 SC for $9.99
  • 45,000 LC + 45 SC for $29.49

This offer is valid not only in Ohio, but also in Rhode Island sweepstakes and South Carolina sweepstakes.

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What games can you play at our Ohio sweepstakes casino?

One of the reasons why our site is among the best USA sweepstakes casinos 2024 is because of the selection of games we offer. Not only do we have over 1,000 games (more than anyone else), but they are provided by top software companies.

Here, you can enjoy games such as slots, table games and more from the likes of BGaming, Betsoft and a whole host of others.


What prizes can you redeem at Sweeptastic?

The main purpose of our site is that all players have fun, and that those who wish to can do so for free. However, if you are lucky enough to win enough SC when playing games, you will be able to redeem them for real prizes. This is possible when playing for our sweepstakes in Oklahoma, New Jersey, Florida, or any other states except for Nevada, Washington, and Idaho.

Currently, we offer real money prizes when you redeem your SC. However, more prizes will also be made available in the near future – so watch this space.

How to redeem Ohio sweepstakes prizes

In order to be able to redeem prizes, you will need to fully verify your account with us. To do this, you will need to provide the following two documents:

  1. Photo ID such as passport, driver’s license or ID card.
  2. Proof of address, such as a utility bill or bank statement.

Once you have verified your account, simply click on the “Redeem” button and input the number of SC you wish to redeem.

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Ohio sweepstakes - Conclusion

We have now covered all of the essential information that you need to know about sweepstakes casinos in Ohio. Now you can create your account and try out our games for free.

Remember that no purchases are necessary to play here, so you can give us a go without parting with your own cash. Just hit the “Join Now” button at the top of this page.


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Ohio sweepstakes FAQ

✅ Are sweepstakes legal in Ohio at Sweeptastic?

Consult our complete legal Ohio sweepstakes guide, here at Sweeptastic. After reading, you’ll be in no doubt as to why we can legally service the region.

❓ Are there any real online sweepstakes in Ohio?

Sweeptastic offers online sweepstake gameplay in Ohio. You can explore our guides for more information about our compliance and the offering we have to share with you.

🎰 Does Ohio have sweepstakes casino bonuses?

Be sure to read our invaluable guides to find out exactly how Sweeptastic serves to rewards its players with bonuses and purchase deals. We also include all you need to know about why Sweeptastic is legal in the sate.

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