Delaware Sweepstakes Casino: Play Online Sweeps Slots in DE with Sweeptastic

Here, you can find out all the rules and laws around Delaware sweepstakes. Additionally, we’ll also tell you a bit more about what Sweeptastic has to offer DE players.

Delaware sweepstakes law - The main things you need to know

As is the case with Georgia sweepstakes, Delaware doesn’t have any laws specific to the state. Instead, real money sweepstakes and contests in the state just have to comply with US Federal Law.

This means that we have to comply with two main rules:

  • Players must have a means of entering sweepstakes without making a purchase.
  • Winners must pay taxes on prizes.

How old do you have to be to play at Sweeptastic in DE?

The legal age for real money gaming products and gambling in Delaware is 21. However, for social and sweepstakes gaming, US Federal law has an 18+ age limit.

As a result, Delaware and Florida sweepstakes players alike can register and play casino-style games here at Sweeptastic from the age of 18.


Sweeptastic as a sweepstakes casino

Have a look through our site here at Sweeptastic and you’ll see how our sweepstakes casino site has a look and feel similar to traditional online casinos.

However, there is one key difference – instead of using real money to play games on our site, you use virtual currency. As a result, our site is not classed as a gambling site.

Is Sweeptastic legal in Delaware?

Yes, Sweeptastic is perfectly legal for persons aged 18 and older to use in Delaware. Rather than having to obtain a gambling license, we just have to comply with the DE sweepstakes laws explained above.

That’s why Sweeptastic, as one of the best sweepstakes casinos in Delaware, provides you with free Sweepstakes Coins. These act as your free entries and allow you to play games for the chance to redeem prizes.

What else you can find at Sweeptastic

Bonus Lucky Coins
Bonus Lucky Coins
Thrilling Daily Spins!
Thrilling Daily Spins!
Brilliant Slots & Jackpots
Brilliant Slots & Jackpots
Exciting Tournaments
Exciting Tournaments
Rewards & Boosts
Rewards & Boosts
Fantastic VIP Program
Fantastic VIP Program
24/7 Customer Support
24/7 Customer Support
Exclusive Offers & Deals
Exclusive Offers & Deals

Top reasons to play at a sweepstakes casino

There are many reasons why it’s fun to play at Sweeptastic, one of the best USA sweepstakes casinos in 2024. Below, we have highlighted just a few of the main advantages of playing casino-style games here with us:


Can you win real money at a Delaware sweepstakes casino?

When you play games at Sweeptastic, you will make your bets using one of two virtual currencies – Lucky Coins and Sweepstakes Coins. And if you land a win, the game will only pay out in the virtual currency that you have used to play.

Neither Lucky Coins nor Sweepstakes Coins have any real-world value. However, you can use your Sweepstakes Coins to redeem real prizes, including cash and goods.

How Sweeptastic works

Now that we’ve briefly touched upon the prizes, let’s take a close look at how things work in practice.

First and foremost, you need to understand the two different virtual currencies and the role that each one plays – Lucky Coins and Sweepstakes Coins.


Lucky Coins (LC)

Lucky Coins (LC) is the main virtual currency that you will use when playing games on our site. You will get 10,000 LC for free when you register, and you can then get up to 1,000 more completely free every day through the daily reload bonus.

While it is not obligatory, as you can play for free, you do have the option to purchase additional LC using your debit card.

More key details about LC 

The main thing that you need to know about LC is that it is purely an entertainment virtual currency that you can use to play our 1,000+ games for fun. It has absolutely no real-world value and cannot be withdrawn.

Moreover, you cannot use it to redeem prizes of any kind. However, purchasing LC does get you some additional benefits, such as access to exclusive games and membership of our Sweeptastic Rewards Club.

Sweepstakes Coins (SC)

Sweepstakes Coins (SC) are the second virtual currency that you can use, and it plays the role of your sweepstakes entries. Any SC that you collect can be used to play most of the games in the Sweeptastic lobby, save for those marked as being LC-only.

As it acts as your sweepstakes entries, you can never purchase SC from us or trade it between players.

Does SC have any real value?

Like LC, SC doesn’t actually have any real-world value, and when you play games by staking SC, your payout will only ever come in the form of more SC.

However, if you win enough SC at Sweeptastic, you can redeem them for prizes including cash and goods.


Get free LC and SC with the Sweeptastic welcome bonus

With the current Sweeptastic welcome package, we give you two opportunities to get free LC and SC. Altogether, you can claim up to 27,777 LC and 2 SC.

Here’s how our welcome package breaks down:

  1. Register your account and get 10,000 LC free.
  2. Complete your profile to get 17,777 LC and 2 SC.

How to get more free SC at a Delaware sweepstakes casino

As well as the welcome package, there are some more ways that you can get free SC and LC as an existing play at Sweeptastic:

  • Daily reload – Get up to 1,000 free LC every day.
  • Purchase promotions – Most of our LC packs come with an SC bonus.
  • Social media giveaways – Follow us on Facebook for contests and giveaways
  • Mail request – Send us a handwritten request by US mail to receive more free SC.

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Delaware sweepstakes - Conclusion

There you have it, we’ve covered all of the essential information about how Sweeptastic works as an online sweepstakes casino in Delaware. The best way for you now to learn more is to put some of this theory into practice.

You can click on the “Join Now” button to register your Sweeptastic account completely free. In doing so, you can get a feel for how everything really works without spending your own money.


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Delaware sweepstakes - FAQ

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